Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse is a very interesting photography technique. With adequate knowledge and equipment, splendid videos can be created using this technique.

How it works:

In time lapse, we shoot a series of photos at a fixed time interval apart. For example, a lot of movie cameras shoot at 30 frames per second (fps). If instead, we shoot one photo (frame) per second, for say 10 minutes, that will be 600 photos. Now if we play these 600 photos with 30 fps, we can playback what we recorded in 10 minutes in mere 20 seconds. Amazing, isn’t it? More on time lapse can be found here.

Below are some examples of the best time lapse videos I have ever seen. I will keep updating the list as I find more. The videos are, in one word, stunning. I would highly recommend to watch the video in HD.

Yosemite National Park:












The City Limits


Grand Canyon



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