Raanjhana Hindi Movie climax dialogue

Kundan (Hero, played by Dhanush) is in the hospital, counting the final moments of his life. Zoya (Heroine, played by Sonam Kapoor), the love of his life is sitting besides him, having realized what she has just lost. In a final voice over, a dying Kundan wonders about letting go. He says he might have the desire to live again, if Zoya called out to him, but then again everything had become so tiring and he would rather let go and rest (euphemism for dying). He speaks of the nature of love that continues, by saying that he can be born again and again in the same Benaras with the same surroundings, fall in love with a girl like Zoya again, and become a Raanjhanaa with her love.

The dialog goes as:

‘बस इतनी हि कहानी थी मेरी..
एक लडकी थी जो बगल मे बैठी थी, एक कुछ डॉक्टर जो अभी भी इस उम्मीद मे थे कि शायद ये मुर्दा फिर जाग पडे..
एक दोस्त था, जो पागल था.. एक और लडकी थी जिसने अपना सब कुछ हार दिया था मुझपे..
मेरी मा थी, बाप था, बनारस कि गलिया थी, और ये एक हमारा शरीर था जो हमे छोड चुका था.

ये मेरा सीना जिसमे अभीभी आग बाकी थी..
हम उठ सकते थे, पर किसके लिये? म चीख सकते थे, पर किसके लिये?
मेरा प्यार झोया, बनारस कि गलिया, बिंदिया, मुरारी, सब मुझसे छूट रहा था.

मेरे सीने कि आग या तो मुझे जिंदा कर सकती थी या मुझे मार सकती थी.
पर साला अब उठे कौन? कौन फिरसे मेहनत करे दिल लगाने को.. दिल तुडवाने को..
अबे कोई तो आवाज दे के रोक लो!
ये जो लडकी मुर्दा सी आखे लिये बैठी ही बगल मे, आज भी हा बोल दे तो महादेव कि कसम वापस आ जाए!
पर नही, अब साला मूड नही. आखे मुंद लेने मे हि सुख है, सो जाने मे हि भलाई है.

पर उठेंगे किसी दिन.. उसी गंगा किनारे डमरू बाजाने को.. उन्ही बनारस के गलियो मे दौड जाने को, किसी झोया के इश्क मे फिर से पड जाने को..!’


English Translation:

‘That was my story..

There was this girl sitting besides me.. Doctors who were still hoping that I could come to life again..
There was a friend (Murari), who was mad.. There was one more girl (Bindiya), who had devoted everything to me..
There was my mother, my father, those streets of Banaras.. And there was this body of mine which had already left me.

There was still fire in me.. I could get up again, I could scream again, but for whom?
My love Zoya, the streets of Banaras, Bindiya, Murari, everything was leaving me.

The fire inside me could either bring me back to life or kill me. But I don’t want to get up now.. I don’t want to work hard to fall in love again.. Break my heart again! Someone call me! Someone tell me to get up! The girl who is sitting besides me with those dead eyes, If she calls me, I swear to God I will come back! But no, I am too tired now, not in the mood. It’s good to close the eyes.. Sleep forever.

But I will come back someday.. To play damru on the shores of Ganga.. To play on those streets of Banaras.. To fall in love with some Zoya again!’


The dialogue is best felt if you see the video, but unfortunately there are no videos of it yet on youtube.
You can find the full movie on the below link, and then skip forward to the scene at 132nd minute.

Raanjhana full movie


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