Hey there! Welcome to my blog!

About the blog: I am just a novice writer. You may find my writing style rough, amateur. I always try to express my feelings in the best way and the simplest words I can. The blog is and will always be under construction. I will keep modifying posts, layouts, look and feel of the blog every now and then.

Note: Being originally from India, you will find a lot of articles on this blog in my native language (Marathi). I will try to come up with English translations of all those posts (Marathi, Hindi) sometime soon.

I have classified the articles in a few categories:

1. Writings: These are my attempts of writing.

2. Good Reads: This category has some very nice articles that I came across on the internet and are worth reading.

3. Poetry: A collection of some beautiful poems I came across on the internet.

4. Uncategorized: The articles which don’t fit anywhere else.

Private/Password Protected articles are the ones which are still incomplete/pending for review.

I would highly appreciate your views on content, readability, accessibility and design of the blog. So please leave your valuable comments/suggestions whenever you feel. I hope you like the blog! Happy Reading! 🙂

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